#Satanism & #SatanicAgendas

👶🏼Baby Penis Facials-Yes It Is an Actual Thing💉

At first glance and if you are not versed in the true nature of the sick elites that run our world, you would think this should be labeled as fake news…but it is very true. Over the years as I have dived beneath the surface I have come to learn that these elites love bathing in blood, drinking blood, injecting blood, getting high on blood. Blood, blood, blood, especially infant blood. This facial treatment is derived from the foreskin of Korean infants…🤔kinda makes you wonder what Trump wants from North Korea😒

This is a clip from The Ellen Show: Ellen interviewing Sandra Bullock. (Notice how young Sandra looks!) The video “You’ll Never Guess What Sandra Bullock Puts on Her Face” can be found on The Ellen Show’s youtube channel.


👹The 5G Smart Grid=The NWO

Max Igan discusses what the smart grid is actually for.



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