The Disease X-5G Connection

Invisible weapons, a deadly pathogen, forced vaccines & foreign governments “attacking” US Embassy workers.  Sounds like an action-packed spy novel.  Reality truly is becoming stranger and stranger.  Is the garbage that rules this world laying the foundation for mandatory vaccines via WHO’s announcement of Disease X?   Is Disease X really just 5G (millimeter wave) directed energy ?  Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the US Embassy workers in Cuba & China that became ‘sick’ have the exact same symptoms of those that are sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation?  Finally, Is the US Government testing 5G weaponry on its own embassy workers, with the plans of blaming foreign governments?

Below is a brief discussion about the symptoms of millimeter wave exposure and the coming disease X epidemic that will be blamed on a pathogen but will in reality be electromagnetic exposure designed for forced vaccinations

Google Search Results “Us Embassy Workers Sick”


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  1. truthisallthatmatters says:

    Lead blocks the frequency


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