Trump, EPA Regulations & Our Radiated Drinking Water

We seem to have a major problem in this country that is being covered up by government officials.  Toxicity!  We are being bombarded with toxins at an unprecedented rate.   Most of us are already aware that toxins exist in just about everything we come in contact with.  But were you aware of how bad our drinking water supply really is?

I was shocked to recently learn that 150+ million Americans are being exposed to unsafe drinking water every year.   This number will certainly go up dramatically once President Trump’s 1.5 trillion $ Infrastructure Plan is implemented.   Let us not forget what the President said about regulations….for every new regulation 22 current regulations would be thrown out.  Trump plans on bringing the number of regulations back to that of the 1960’s. Yes the 1960’s, when there were no seat belts or car seats for children, when every wall was painted with lead-based paints, hell there were almost no environmental regulations before the 60’s.  Keeping this in mind, you have to wonder which regulations he is getting rid of and who does this benefit?  Will public safety be put on the back burner for corporate benefit?   Is “America First” just some meaningless slogan?  I suppose he wouldn’t have won the presidency if his slogan was “Corporations First”🤣.   See below for video and links


EWG Tap Water Database

Interactive Map of Radium contamination in public water systems nationwide

Joint Municipal Water and Sewer Commission Public Notice

Tens of millions of Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water each year-USA Today

New EPA Proposals to Allow Higher Levels of Radiation in Drinking Water-Food & Water Watch

Rural America’s Drinking-Water Crisis-New Republic

America Got a D+ Grade for Our Terrible Water Infrastructure-Vice Impact

State of America’s Drinking Water-EWG

Why are Texas’ smaller utilities not cleaning up drinking water?-The Texas Tribune

EPA Data: Tap Water in More Than 1,000 Communities Tainted With Lead Above Action Level-EWG

170 Million in U.S. Drink Radioactive Tap Water. Trump Nominee Faked Data to Hide Cancer Risk-EWG

23 utility districts violated drinking water standard in 2017-WSMV TV 4

High levels of acid found in Concord city water-WSOC TV 9

Small town SC mayor won’t let Flint water crisis researcher test wells for pollution-The State


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