The Disease X-5G Connection

Invisible weapons, a deadly pathogen, forced vaccines & foreign governments “attacking” US Embassy workers.  Sounds like an action-packed spy novel.

The Silk Road to Tyranny

An Agorist is someone who PRACTICES The Non-Aggression Principle through peaceful rebellion of the current economic system Links Ross Ulbricht Denied Supreme Court Petition as Alleged Silk Road Co-Conspirator Faces Extradition to US Article If Trump Really Wanted to Fight The Deep State, He’d Pardon These 5 Heroes Instead of Criminals Article If Ross Ulbricht…

Trump, EPA Regulations & Our Radiated Drinking Water

We seem to have a major problem in this country that is being covered up by government officials. Toxicity! We are being bombarded with toxins at an unprecedented rate. Most of us are already aware that toxins exist in just about everything we come in contact with. But were you aware of how bad our drinking water supply really is?

Lessons In Consciousness-Truth

What is truth? It seems like a fairly simple question to answer. Surprisingly many people don’t really understand what truth actually is.

The History of Antifa

The communist movement known as Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist Action) has sparked violence across the nation.